We're on your service with 129 staff

HD Protek, serving in the media sector for 8 years, is continuing the venture it started during its establishment with 40 people staff that were working in the sector for years and were experts in their fields today with 129 people staff.

Team support it gives to companies giving service to the media sector with its team of engineers, technicians and assistants in its organization, ensures HD Protek quality and customer satisfaction concept to settle in most national and international organizations.

Making its name be mentioned at the organizations it participates with its experience, occupational knowledge and quality, HD Protek team acts with the awareness of being a team and is adapts easily to changing technological conditions with the trainings it receives.

Our staff, able to catch a good career plan with the changing dynamics, believes success is not a coincidence due to extensiveness of technical facilities offered by HD Protek and enjoys opening a new path to the followers of the same career. Our team, executing their job, working according to European standards, is enjoying being the leader of the sector on this subject as well.